Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Jumping into June

We traveled home from Florida the first part of June.  I couldn't wait to down load pictures and make a picture book. I love to capture our journeys through pictures.  I am not wordy and do not put details in, maybe one day I will, but for now I like to enjoy my stories through pictures. So that being said, I took to the computer, downloaded my pictures, chose my favorites and made a book.  I just use Walgreen, but I find them sufficient for my needs.  Here is sample of my book.

Thought it would be fun to decorate my reading nook for the grand kids with a beachy vibe too.  They are always drawn over to the special corner. I have also placed books about summer travels on the shelf.

In the summer my star fish always find their way to the mantle, not only represents my love for the beach, but a patriotic flare for July!

 Wishing this had the entire family in it, but enjoying the memories it holds.

Before the family separated for family vacations and to celebrate Audrey's Birthday we took the kids to Wonder Women. We make mistakes as parents, and grand parents once in a awhile, and this was one of them.  Rick and Brandon, took Benson and Issac in Florida and raved about it. So I thought it would be okay.  It was a great movie, but the PG 13 rating was there for a purpose.  The main one being the horrible previews before the movie. Several of the children were not ready for what they saw. Lesson learned! Won't do that again. Picture for a reminder only.

After the movie we celebrated Audrey's Birthday after a long wait for her, I am sure.  Sickness and our trip slowed the celebration.  Thanks to Becky for enduring Star Wars decor in her kitchen for weeks.  The birthday girl! (in Black)

Blackmail for Bailey some day!
Love this one of Jake and Laynie.

Gavin, Isaac and Benz being good sports. Zeke protesting.

June 10th was a crazy day,  Swim meet in the morning and dance recitals in the afternoon.

Liv came today. She kept us busy.

Isaac with relay team
 Zekes tearing it up!

Jake decided to be a little more aggressive today.

Favorite picture of the day!

Then it was off to the dance recitals, and to say goodbye to the J Wallaces for awhile as they were going places. They took off right after the recital, I brought home the costumes and hung them in my closet.  Audrey's famous last words, "Grandma I hope you don't die while I am gone." Me too Audrey, Me too!

 Audrey on far right,  towards the back.

Papa enjoyed the recital, Ady loved sitting on his lap.'

"It's a Hard Knock life."

 Audrey was quite sad her trophy didn't have glasses and a longer skirt on it.

Our little Ady was on the back row the whole time I did the best I could with the pictures, but was really disappointed.

Then it was off to a wedding reception. We had hot dogs on Sunday, no grocery shopping for me!

June ended with a lot of swimming again.  District Finals, Red White and Blue, and Ponderosa took up the last two weekends. The Stewart boys all did well according to their age groups and will be a force to be reckoned with next year. Just a few pictures of some of the events.

As a 4 year old Zeke beat out several 6 years old.

Jake placed 3rd in freestyle at divisionals. We attended that morning and then went to watch Ike in the finals that night at Ponderosa.

As a 9 year old in 9/10 division we weren't sure what to expect of Isaac. It is the second largest summer league championship  in America, 15,000+ swimmers are involved.  He exceeded our expectations. He made the finals in all 6 individual events.  He got 6 personal best times, earning 4 individual medals and one with his teammates. Watch out next year!

Second place overall in the relay. 

Finished off the month by going to a more child friendly movie with the Stewart bunch.  The B. Wallaces were getting ready to leave town and the J Wallaces still gone. Love this picture of the Stewart Minions!

My little grand daughter had a birthday in February.  All she wanted was a garden. Gardening in Houston is a big challenge. The birds and insects are abundant. They decided to grow things in pots on the patio and see how it went.  As they were getting ready to leave Laynie ask if I would care for it. (what would any grandma say, YES)  They said they watered it and to check on it in a day or two. Well I went the following day and this is what I found...

Yikes! I could already see the tears of disappointment in her eyes!

After some prayers, fertilizer, and plenty of water, its GREEN!  What a grandma won't do for her grand daughter. Love you to the Moon and back, Laynie! It reminds me that everything needs to be loved, nurtured, and cared for. Hopefully there will be smiles when she returns.

Bring on July!

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