Friday, June 9, 2017

Mostly Perfect May and My HAPPY PLACE (Seaside Florida 2017)

As I sit here, I have dishes to do and floors to mop, bathrooms that need cleaning, and dust to be dusted, but I am too excited to blog.  I love to keeping up on what is happening in my life. It has been a way to cope, reflect on my many blessing, and express my gratitude. I know people don't want to read the ramblings of a 60 + year old, but one day I hope my grandchildren might peek at it from time to time.

May was a busy, busy, month. It is always a month where every square on my calendar is full. Started the month with Bailey's final choir performance at school. It was a Disney themed program.  Bay was awarded the outstanding girl 7th grade girl choir award. We are very proud of her accomplishments.

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Swim meets started this month so week have had busy Saturdays watching the Stewart Boys swim. We have decided that this year we wont travel too much, but attend the home meets.  Jarod and Brianne have made that so easy for us.  Parking place right outside the pool entrance and covered seating.  It has made things a little more bearable.  The boys are doing great. We thought Isaac would have a so, so year because he has competed against 10 year old's, nope, he is still having them "eat his bubbles."  Jake is just having a good time.  He could be killing it too.  Swimming is fun for him, but he has no intention to be competitive. Zeke is a joy to watch, at 4 he is beating a lot of 6 year old's.
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Looking forward to tournament meets. Go Stewarts!

Between weekends I get to do a lot of this.  I am grateful I can help out once in awhile. Went into check on my youngest grandchildren and found them doing this, and playing so nicely with each other.
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Was ask to do bulletin board for Relief Society. I can't say NO. Maybe that is why I have 3 callings?

Went to watch Zeke perform in his preschool Mother's Day program. Love this kid!
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Have a great Mother's Day.  Went out the night before with Brianne and Jarod had a great time. Dinner at Lupes and Black Walnut for dessert.  We don't get to go out together much without the kiddos. I was a fun evening.

Got to attend Laynie's GT showcase for Tomball School District. We had a great time seeing the exhibits of the students. Wasn't feeling well that night, but was so glad I could support Laynie.

Celebrated Loo's Birthday. We missed Becky she was home with a house full of really sick kiddos.

Lets throw in a few more baby sitting pictures. A few extra things might have ended up in the basket.

Got to fill in for Brianne as they had to divide and conquer. Jarod and I took Jake and Zeke to their Let's Play Music recital, Brianne took Ike to football. Jake did great, Zeke decided not to participate in the recital. He was all in for the pictures and dessert though.


In the mean time... When you are trying to get ready to leave town, something always breaks. The thought of spending vacation money on repairs made me sick. Lucky for me, I have all in fix it daughters in laws. Called Loo, she said she fixes hers all the time, ordered a part for me.  Hated to impose on her to drive over and fix it, so I decided to do it myself. Watched a U tube video and mission accomplished. That was a great feel good moment!

Then it was off to my happy place! I hope everyone has a happy place, even if it hiding in a closet reading a good book. It's a good thing.  I discovered the ocean about 20 years ago, I learned that sitting in a chair listening to the waves crash in, was therapeutic for me. I missed the mountains in Utah, and this brought a sense of renewed hope that I could find a place just as wonderful as the mountains so far away.  Jarod and Brianne had rented a huge Beach house thinking they could invited friends to come, everyone was booked.  They invited us to tag along, along with Brandon and his family. We had a wonderful time!

We caravaned with Jarod and Brianne. We left Saturday after swim team and drove to Mississippi and stayed the night.  We got up and attended sacrament meeting in Gulf Port, Mississippi and finished the drive to Water Color Beach in Florida. Funny thing is, Brandon's Family who left early that morning, came in 20 minutes behind us, so we all arrived at basically the same time.

The beach house was a close bike ride from the beach. Believe me when I say this house delivered in every way.
I spent time more than once snuggling a  "the beach is stupid" baby!  She didn't find the beach or ocean to be her happy place.

Loved the atmosphere!

Pip and Papa talking about their day.

 Jarod and Bri were so gracious to give us the master Bedroom down stairs, made it so much easier for Papa.  It was truly an unselfish act.

 This washroom got used, it didn't stop the entire time we were there.
 The main hang out space.
 Great kitchen!

 Dinning room.

They got in trouble for this more that once, but they had fun.

This was designated Livi's play space she had a blast with her best friend Pip!
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Pictures from the beach.

My view from my beach chair

The sunsets were beautiful.

Places to eat, see, and shop.

Our favorite shell shop.  Just found it one day while driving to Panama City five years ago.
Daniel our favorite shell guy!

We always love donuts!

Of course I made time for family Pictures, a few of my favorites.

This guy was the best.  He likes the beach, but he can live without it.  He sacrificed his time off and his physical comfort for me. Love you!

Thank you Bri and Jarod!

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