Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July's Jamboree... be sure to check out Waco at the end.

Going into July I thought the month would be uneventful. Plans changed and things came up to make it a little more eventful than I thought. I miss the good old days with home town parades. I miss riding a top of my Dad's gasoline tankers throwing bubblegum out to the crowds, as the driver would honk the blaring horn of the truck. I loved marching down main street carrying the banner for our Junior high school marching band. Loved to wear those white marching boots with the black and white pom-pom tassels flying side to side, as we marched down the street. Sadly don't think I have one picture, just fond memories.  Our big oversize truck garage in our back yard was always home to a float that was being assembled until wee hours of the morning. I miss the parties in the city park, where the fishing pond had the best treasures a child could want. Sparklers at night, and fireworks up at the field by the high school. Sitting on soft grass, (without fire ants) glazing up, as the bursts of color lit the night sky.

Back to reality... Houston July 4, 2017. With Jamie's family and Brandon's family in Utah, Brianne and Jarod had an extended family and friends gathering. Brandon had to stay back and work because of returning to Exxon to work in June. Rocky, their family dog is petrified of fireworks, and he didn't want to leave him home at night.  He joined us for an early dinner at Valley Ranch, one of our go to BBQ places in Houston. We ate dinner and headed to Jarod's and Bri's house for the fireworks show. It didn't disappoint.

 Swimming, jumping, and just play was the start to the nights festivities.

Liv doesn't like fire works at all, Papa stayed inside with her.

The arsenal!  


Love this picture of my Zeke.

Ike and Henry

Minnie joined us for a while, she didn't care for the fireworks either.

The Clowneys

Pooping Puppies

The whole gang

I am not a sparkler fan, got burned too many times as a child.

Jarod is the master of lighting all fireworks, his fellow pyro was in Utah.

One of many that filled the nights sky.

Throw in some baby sitting...

Playing with Guggy's set of "Cars 3" on the track.

Jakes notes of encouragement.

Then it was time to celebrate Ady's Birthday!  I was glad I was able to go celebrate with her in the morning. I thought pink donuts for a princess would be a good thing. I was greeted at the door by all three  girls. Bet you cant tell whose Birthday is is?

Pink donuts for a princess.

The crew enjoying their donuts.

This is Ady's second charm. I think she might need a crown in the future.

We had the opportunity to watch Jacob in his music camp production of  "A Not So Terrible Parable." In five days this group of young people and their fantastic music leader, Lisa Trewin, put on an excellent production. It was as close to perfection as it could have been.  Jacob played the part of a pizza delivery guy, Tommy Tennyson.  He didn't miss a line. His dictation was incredible for a seven year old. His arm and dance moves to the songs they sung were spot on.

Then the surprise came.  Fleet swim team invited Isaac to swim in the State Swim meet in Austin. We had some Hotel points we had not use yet, so off we went, to watch almost 9 minutes of swimming! It was so worth the effort. I love to watch Ike swim. He and his teammates did well.
16 teams entered the 400 free relay, they took 6th.  14 teams qualified for the 200 free relay, they placed 9th . 20 teams qualified for the 200 medley they placed 7th. Out of the 65 teams participating FLEET placed 5th in the state. Isaac was one of the youngest participants at the meet.  It was a great experience for him. Its a huge sacrifice for his family, but so far they are determined to follow through with whatever it takes. 

Always tell  my daughter she should go into graphic design. Love her creativity!

Beautiful facility!

It's huge, and may I add air conditioned!

Isaac's cheering section.

 The relay team! Good job!

He loved every minute of it!

Talk with Coach

My favorite shot of the meet.

Final race...

 He could hardly get out of the pool! He put every thing into it.

We ate great food and did a little sight seeing.  Would have loved to do more, but it was 106 degrees outside!

Salt Lick.  If you find yourself in Austin GO!

Ricks trying  to eat vegan for awhile, he endured the ultimate temptation.

I felt so guilty.  I only ate one side of one rib. Isaac help and took one to go.

Went to Chuey's for some Tex-Mex.  Jenny and her children came too.  Brianne and Jarod were staying with the Sevilles.

It was off to explore Austin...

Took a picture of University of Texas stadium out the window of the car.

State Capitol Building.

Replica of Texas monument that is in the World War II exhibit in Washington DC.

Then the BIG surprise! I never dreamed Rick would take me to Waco. He puts up with my fascination of  Fixer Upper. Sometimes he will even watch it with me. When we found out it wouldn't be too far out of the way, he said we could go. I was like I kid on Christmas morning!  As we neared Waco the familiar shots of the city were everywhere. 

 Familiar shots on Fixer Upper 

I recognized David as he and his friend are running a tour bus line. I would have totally gone, if time wasn't a factor.  He was surprised I knew who he was.  He said you know your "Fixer Upper" well. I just laughed. 

First look as we walked down the street.

Might have done a little shopping here.

 Loved everything!

Recognize these?

T shirts here...

Considering how hot it had been, it was a beautiful day. Love this!  Kids play, Mom shops!  A lot of Dads were out throwing ball with there kiddos. They had darling black and white beanbag chairs for people to sit on as well as a picnic pavilion.

Food trucks and stands set up around the perimeter.

They did the cutest home for the owners of this.

Before we left, we hit the bakery.  Everything we purchased was divine!  Not just saying it, the best cupcakes I have ever eaten.

Decorating to perfection!  

 They do look as good as the taste!

One very patient husband.

Every thing was so detailed and so perfectly done. Good job Chip and Joanna.  I would drive the 2 1/2 hours just to buy a cupcake!  It was so much fun!  I will not wait to go again.

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