Monday, May 14, 2018

End of November into December

Benson received his Arrow of light.  He loves scouts.  He was lucky to have his Mom and Dad so involved.  He is a bright  intelligent young man with more goals to accomplish, but not without mountains to climb. This Grandma is betting on him.

Seems like yesterday Pip was a year old, now she is nine!  She loves everything feminine!  We love you pip! I loved her cake! 

After the cake and ice cream, the clan got dressed in their annual Christmas PJs. I have years of this traditional picture.  Some day I will dig them all up.  Some aren't digital.  I like to give them their PJ's  early so they can wear them the month of December. I sent them home with a new Christmas story to read and cookies for a bedtime snack. I love that everyone cooperated!  A first time for everything right?

We got to enjoy Audrey's school program. It had a few Christmas songs mixed in with others. I am not going there.  She was happy and singing great until she bonked heads with the boy next to her  and cried pretty much the rest of the program.

Love that we could attend Bayley's Christmas Concert, it was done very well.  I enjoyed the sing- along in between some of the numbers.  It helped put us in a festive mood.

Next was Gavins time to shine. There performances are short and sweet.  We enjoyed the evening, and seeing the talents of others.

Then it was Zekes turn, I think this was our 6th or 7th Christmas concert at John Wesley Preschool. This turn out to be a very exciting night.  H-Town received SNOW.  Actual snow that stuck to the roof tops and the ground.

Zeke was all smiles making sure that we were watching him several times during the performance.

This is what happened over night!  I bet I checked out the window 6 times during the night.  I was light a kid on Christmas morning!  Had to resist calling all the grandkids and telling them to look out side.

The snow was gone by that next evening, but what a treat it was to witness! The storm blew my candy canes all crazy.  I should have fixed them, I guess I was afraid the snow would melt before I took the picture! (haha)

We celebrated Christmas Eve, a day early.  Jamie and family were headed to Utah for Christmas. We went to Pappasitos, our go to Christmas Eve place.  We had a great dinner, the grands were excellent and we enjoyed visiting. Then we headed to Jarod's and Bri/s for gift exchange and dessert!

Liv was just happy to eat one of Aunt Becky's fat mint cookies.

Everyone was grateful for their gift!

Since there weren't a lot of us in Houston this year, my sister Becky invited us over for Christmas Eve.  Everything was perfect.  We all brought side dishes to combine into a great meal. Then the grands put on the nativity.

 The Grandparents

Getting ready for the nativity.

Bay and Ike were Mary and Joseph

Pip and Livi were angels, Kaitlyn was the narrator.

Joshua was a shepherd.

Then the Wisemen came...  James Zeke and Jake played the wisemen, Benson was their camel.

We Played the chimes...

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